12 Pairs: 100% Combed Cotton Cute High-Cut Panties


When you’re shopping for underwear, the choices can be a little overwhelming. Most styles don’t seem to have been designed for comfort, and the ones that are don’t look all that cute. All you want is a pair of undies that will keep you comfy all day long, and won’t make you feel like you’re wearing granny panties. Good news—you’ve finally found them! This great deal gives you 12 pairs in a style that is built for comfort but still looks super cute.
  • Includes 12 pairs randomly selected from the image shown
  • 100% natural combed cotton
  • Non-binding and non-rolling
  • Soft, elastic waistband
  • Soft covered leg bangs provide a long lasting comfort
  • Colorful and bright wash after wash
  • Available in sizes S-XL

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