24-Pk Planters Peanuts & Cashews Variety Pack (2 Lb 8.5Oz.) only $6.55

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24-Pk Planters Peanuts & Cashews Variety Pack (2 Lb 8.5Oz.)

Get 24-Pack Planters Peanuts & Cashews Variety Pack (2 Lb 8.5Oz.) for only $6.55.

Compare: Target.com ($11.99) | Walmart.com ($18.74) | Sears.com ($29.48) | Office Depot ($39.94)

Tagged as: PTN884624 | 07223 | 664570 | 884624 | 599047 | 029000017917 | 885720481601 | 885707148213 | Food & Groceries

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